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The Storylineof Pokemon Yellow GBA

Posted on March 4, 2017 by in General

The Pokemon video game franchise started when Pokemon Red version and Pokemon Blue version were released. Soon after, Nintendo released what came to be regarded as the best Pokemon game by many player, the Pokemon Yellow version. Here are the basic things to expect when playing the game.



The pokemon yellow gba version of the game starts out with you, the player, living in Pallet Town. Here also live the world renowned Pokemon Expert Professor Oak. He is the one who will give you your very first Pocket Monster, the very cute and adorable Pikachu.

During the start of the game your goal would be to catch as many different Pokemon you encounter. You would need to buy Pokeballs at the Mart for this. You next goal is to level up your Pokemon which will require you to defeat wild Pokemon or other trainer’s Pokemon. You win a Pokemon battle when your Pokemon is still standing and when your opponent Pokemon has fainted. Fainting in battle can be prevented by using potions which you can purchase also at the Mart. As you travel to different parts of Kanto, these will be the constant things you will do.

Gym Battles

Gym battles are like the Boss Battles in other video games. You will need to defeat all the trainers in a gym and their Pokemon. The last person to the defeat in a gym will be its gym leader. Once defeated the gym leader will give you a gym badge which will be a proof that you conquered a gym. There are a total of 8 gyms in Kanto and you will need to defeat them all in order to qualify in the Pokemon League, more on that later. The badges also allow you to control higher level of Pokemon.

Elite Four

The Pokemon League is like the Champion’s League of sport events. Only the best can qualify to battle with the Elite Four. Once you reach this it means that your Pokemon adventure is nearing the end, but do not think that it would be easy. The Elite Four, which is so named as it is composed of four people, will be the most difficult challenge you would face in the game. Once you defeat them you can now be called a Pokemon master.

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