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Love Custom bottle as business

Ever wanted to start business that will surely catch the attentions of majority? First thing you have to put in mind is that you have to be considerate that the product is unique and out of the ordinary to be sold in the market, but is being used every day and is very essential as a matter of fact. Then, this company would suit your taste.

As they offer orders that are bundles, it should be a good business starter since the capital you will need is not that very big as well. So, okay, given that a water bottle is now a necessity in order to fully overthrow disposable plastic bottles. However, what is so unique about their items? They are just selling bottles which you can buy in a market. Then, here comes the customized part. Of course you can buy the same type of the bottles outside, with just a common design. But if you advertise your product as a customize one, it will surely make consumer’s eyes glitter, wanting one for themselves.
What are the benefits you can get if you use this as your investment? First, purchasing a bundle makes every piece cheaper. Imagine a CamelBak Water Bottles that costs around 15$, and you order a bulk of them, it will be cut down for only 3$ each. A good deal out of quality products. Now, as soon as you got your order, you can sell them for retail for a little higher price, say at least 8$. So every piece you sold, you will gain 5$ profit, which is not so bad after all, plus you are offering a great deal for your customers, since they can have a high quality water bottle for a lower price. Practicalities wise, it is more convenient to buy something of the same quality but cheaper price, plus you got your own customized to cap the deal.

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